Focus on Performance

How well do you know the business side of your practice?

Are your associates, hygienists and therapists each delivering as expected?

Do you and the team know what a successful week looks like?

Is your patient base growing or maybe slowly reducing?

Are patients happy and referring new business to you?

How busy have the appointment books been? What about next month?

Are your patient recalls up to date, monitored and followed-up?

Are you monitoring your outstanding treatment reports?

We can help you easily keep on top of your practice performance by:

  • Identifying, benchmarking and tracking the key performance indicators which have the biggest impact on your business
  • Creating an annual forecast showing monthly income and target budgets
  • Monitoring and tracking key performance measures monthly against what the practice needs to grow and prosper
  • Helping you share responsibility for growing the practice with your clinicians and team
  • Creating action plans to correct shortfalls before they become a major issue
  • Produce monthly dashboards quickly highlighting achievements and shortfalls with easy to follow traffic-light charts, which can be shared with the team.