Focus on Patients

Competition is fierce within the private dental market as patients become more demanding and ambitious practices attract more and more clients by offering superior service.

Patients generally assume that the clinical side of their local practice is of a high standard unless they hear otherwise. What now differentiates practices is the Patient Journey and the level of customer service offered. Get this right and you will attract new patients and, more importantly, retain them as loyal advocates of your practice.

Patient Journey covers the whole patient experience from the initial telephone enquiry through to arrival at reception, handover to the surgery, back to reception, follow-up care and communication between visits.

Each part of this Patient Journey has the potential to disappoint patients and encourage them to move elsewhere. Mobility is rarely an issue now and good service together with perceived value for money will dictate success.

We can work together to strengthen any weak links in your Patient Journey through training, improved processes, better communication, patient feedback and monitoring.

Our aim? To deliver a seamless, high standard of service which will differentiate you from the competition and encourage patient loyalty.