Too Busy to be Profitable?

Many practice owners and their teams believe that the main measure of success is a full diary.
Sounds reasonable but does being busy always make you profitable?
I’m afraid to say that it may well not unless you are carefully managing your practice diary and have implemented some form of treatment zoning

How Do I Work With My Clients?

Your Dental Manager delivers a wide range of personalised business management support and coaching for dental practice owners and their teams. I will always start by understanding and helping to identify any management gaps which there may be in the practice before moving onto the different ways I can help you and the team to…

Is Your Associate Self-Employed?

From April 2023, the self-employed status of associate dentists, for tax purposes, will be considered on an individual, case-by-case basis with a number of key criteria to be evidenced, over and above the written contract Although the majority of associate dentists are likely to still qualify as self-employed for tax purposes, it is recommended that…

Nobody Told Me About That!

How many times have you heard someone say – “Well I didn’t know about that” or “Nobody told me about that”? Effective communication with the team can make the difference between success and failure. The difference between a confident, happy team and a stressed, demotivated team which doesn’t really understand what it is trying to achieve.

Building a Stronger, Closer Team

A smooth-running, cheerful, successful practice with an enviable reputation for patient care is all linked to the strength, power and commitment of your practice team. Successful teams have a number of key qualities including: A good leader with vision, tact, diplomacy and focus Individuals pull together and act as one team All understand what makes…