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Preparing You and the Team For a New Future

During these unprecedented times, many successful business people are finding their personal and professional lives being overwhelmed by outside forces, which are beyond their control.

One of the best ways to regain control is to use your free time positively and pro-actively to ensure you and your business are personally ready for a strong start when the business comes out of this enforced, but essential hibernation.

Aim to look back on this period and be pleased with all you have achieved, satisfied that you made good use of the time, have strengthened your team through good leadership and are ready to

People management and keeping in touch with your team has never been more important. Although furloughed staff are not able to deliver services or generate income for the business, you can and must still lead them, alongside any NHS re-deployed staff, through a turbulent time so that they return to work re-energised, refreshed and, most importantly, positive!

Regular virtual team get togethers using one of the many readily available video, chat or social media tools are crucial:

  • Include an element of social such as a quiz
  • Chat around how people are making use of the time
  • Help one another with challenges
  • Recognise and acknowledge individual achievements and contributions outside of work such as community support, NHS redeployment
  • Provide updates on plans for reopening
  • Help the team picture a return to work with light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Share ideas. Encourage personal development and positivity.

This downtime is also the perfect opportunity to chat one to one with individual members of the team to:

  • Highlight their continued personal value
  • Discuss fears, concerns, personal circumstances
  • Recognise personal achievements during closure such as community support
  • Show effective leadership
  • Help strengthen the team member personally and professionally
  • Identify aspirations, hidden skills, strengths
  • Identify training opportunities
  • Encourage personal development
  • Feedback on morale
  • Discuss ideas and thoughts on return to work
  • Help you develop a robust training/development plan for each member of the team
  • Help you plan a more efficient and productive team

There are many ways you can develop and improve your own business, management and leadership skills and those of your management team through individual training, coaching, mentoring and individual management/leadership profiling.

To see some of the ways in which Your Dental Manager works with other practices, take a look here. For an insight into how business coaching may be something to think about during this down-time, take a look here.

If you would like to discuss your return to practice planning, business coaching or good business practice in general, you can check availability and book a convenient, remote meeting using our on-line calendar at any time to suit your own diary.

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