Check Your Dental Manager Facebook Page For Regular Updates

Your Dental Manager now delivers the majority of dental business updates, hints, tips, important sector news, recommendations and more via our Facebook page rather than website or e-mail. Here is a recent example:

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 8.24.46 am

If you would like to receive our updates and have not yet done so, please like and follow our Facebook page by clicking on the story image or simply searching Your Dental Manager. It also helps to occasionally click on Facebook items you are interested in as this will bring future updates onto your timeline more readily.

If you would like to discuss any Facebook posts or business issues in general, you can check availability and book a convenient meeting, ranging from a short phone call through to a full-day practice visit, using our on-line calendar at any time to suit your own diary or via Facebook.

To see some of the ways in which we work with other practices, take a look here. For an insight into how business coaching may be something to think about, take a look here.

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